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HelpMessage Attribute

[HelpMessage("A static Help Message")]        
public string TextBoxWithHelpMessage { get; set; }

[HelpMessage( typeof(ResourceFile), "MyHelpMessage" )]
public string TextBoxWithHelpMessageFromResourceFile { get; set; }

Customize the markup of the help message:

tweaking attirbutes only
[HelpMessage("A static Help Message", HtmlAttributeNames = new[]{ "id", "class" }, HtmlAttributeValues = new[]{ "helpMessageId", "some_class" } )]
public string TextBoxHelpMessageWithSpecificAttributes{ get; set; }

changing the wrapper
[HelpMessage("A custom wrapper for this help message", TagBuilderType = typeof(CustomHelpMessageWrapper) )]
public string HelpMessageWithCustomWrapper { get; set; }
public class CustomHelpMessageWrapper : TagBuilder
     public CustomHelpMessageWrapper() : base( "div" )
          this.Attributes["id"] = "helpMessageWithCustomWrapperId";
          this.AddCssClass( "some_class" );
          this.InnerHtml = "it's custom!";

If you would like to change the wrapper for all help messages. You can change the property on Templates.DefaultProfile.HelpMessage. See the Configuration documentation for more information.

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